Kettering police Station

A fantastic opportunity to create town centre living surrounded by other mews developments, great road and public transport for the young professional and also options for the retiring individuals to acquire ground floor and a higher quality living with the benefit of high street lifestyle amenities with car parking on site.

The development will create circa 22+ flats of differing sizes, plus a community space either within the cell complex or old police social club as an asset and entrepreneurs business hub

Conceptual designs are underway at present for phase 1 and 2 - the site encompasses the local magistrates court which will form a separate sale later this year and discussions are already commenced to acquire this also as a phase two and overall development of this site with the LA, but our initial acquisition is due for completion mid-August.

Our phase 1 position and figures below show the development of the police station and social club with community asset as part of the development, plus three mews houses. Phase 2 planning is also being submitted in line with Kettering housing needs.

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